Reviews & Testimonials

Here are some of the things that teachers and librarians have had to say about Marty Chan’s presentations, keynotes, and writing workshops.

Want to kick-start your students’ reading habits? Need to motivate a reluctant writer? Looking for a keynote or professional development session for your colleagues? Book Marty Chan for your next event!

“We were all so thrilled to have Marty Chan present at our library this fall! Marty is an excellent speaker and presenter; he is a natural storyteller with the innate ability to captivate an audience and hold their attention. We were very impressed by how Marty was able to connect to the students at their level; everyone found his stories intriguing and hilarious. They were awed by the magic tricks and loved the interactive elements of his presentation. Students left inspired with huge smiles on their faces!” Jaye Benoit, Arts & Culture Coordinator, Airdrie Public Library
“We were honored to be able to share a few days with Marty Chan. He came into our schools and talked to students and teachers about writing. Teachers were thrilled to see him connect with the students in grades 3-5, sharing about his story the The Mystery of the Mad Science Teacher. Students are still talking about him 2 weeks later. You could hear a pin drop during his presentation, for students in grades 6-8. They were hanging on his every word as he shared how he came up with the idea for, Keepers of the Vault, Fire and Glass. We hope to have Marty back again to share with more teachers and students his love for writing.”Jodie Bzdel, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Consultant, Moose Jaw