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Want to kick-start your students’ reading habits? Need to motivate a reluctant writer? Looking for a keynote or professional development session for your colleagues? Marty offers a variety of engaging sessions that will have you laughing and learning. Currently, Marty is only doing virtual presentations. For his speaking rates, please send a query through his contact page. Book your event with Marty Chan!

Are you located outside of Alberta? Check out Marty’s Virtual Field Trips through the Center for Interactive Learning!

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Marty Chan

Marty’s Virtual Visits

May 2 – 3: Archbishop Joseph MacNeil, Edmonton, virtual writing workshop

May 7: CILC, online North America, storytelling session

May 8: Wasaho, Cree Nation, Fort Severn, virtual writing workshop

May 9: Rawlinson School, Toronto, virtual writing workshop

May 10: Secret Vault, Rawlinson School, Toronto virtual

May 13: Dragon on the Loose Book Launch, CILC, virtual

May 17: Alberta Primetime, panelist

May 23: Mother Mary Green School, Calgary, virtual visits

June 17: Glenthorne High School, UK, virtual visit

August 8: Monster Mania, CILC, virtual writing workshop

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Marty shares the personal stories behind his novels to show students how their own lives can be springboards into great stories. He disguises writing concepts as interactive games that teach kids while they’re having fun. With over a quarter of a century of experience as a full-time writer, Marty breaks down the mystique of creative writing into practical ideas you can adopt and apply immediately.

Marty reveals the real-life inspirations behind his works, demonstrating to students that their own lives can be springboards into great stories. With humorous anecdotes, he ramps up the students’ excitement for reading his books.

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