Barnabas Bigfoot: The Bone Eater by Marty Chan

Barnabas Bigfoot: The Bone Eater

Tiny-toed sasquatch Barnabas Bigfoot and his pals, Hannah and Ruth Hairyson, are in yet another hairy tangle. This time the intrepid trio must confront the Bone Eater, a fearsome creature form sasquatch mythology who suddenly enters their world. They must warn the scattered sasquatch tribe about this monster who surely poses a greater threat to them than the dreaded hunting humans. Or does she?

Loyalties and courage are pushed to the limit as Barnabas is forced to stand up for what he knows to be right, even in the face of disbelief from his own tribe. Can Barnabas unite the divided sasquatches in time for them all to save their hairy lives?

The Bone Eater is the third installment of Marty Chan’s series about sasquatches.

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Publisher: Thistledown Press
Grades 3-6 / Ages 8-11
Trade paper / 274 pages
ISBN: 978-1-927068-43-4

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